Seattle Warriors coach Sohrab is always thinking about ways to improve the skills of his players. So he got them to play a new game that helps in improving their “Soft Hands” defense skills. Watch the video to see the game in action.

Seattle Warriors New Game to Improve Soft Hands Defense

The goal of the game is simple: The batsman defends the ball with soft hands and takes a run. The batsman’s goal is to keep the ball in the batting zone marked by the cones. Fielders are not allowed in this zone, which makes it easy for the batsman to complete the run.

Fielders can collect the ball once it crosses the batting zone. Then the fielder has to pass it to another fielder, who throws it to the bowler. As soon as the bowler gets the ball, he throws it at the stump.

The batsman is supposed to complete the run before this action completes. Only when the batsman completes the run, a new batsman can come up to the crease to bat.

As you can see in the video, the first batsman does not defend with soft hands, so the ball crosses the batting zone and reaches the fielder. The fielding side act quickly and get the ball to the bowler. The bowler throws the ball before the next batsman in on the crease, making it hard for the next batsman.

This is a fun game, that teaches kids to use soft hands and steal runs.

Good Thinking Coach Sohrab — Hats off to you.

P.S: get in touch with us if you want to understand the rules of this game.

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