On the 10th of May, CAPS kids came together at Vertex Arena for the 2018 awards ceremony. It started off with the kids having fun playing the many activities, while the parents were busy in a boring meeting. When the kids were tired of playing, they strolled upstairs for dinner. The most awaited awards ceremony was about to happen. Below are some amazing pictures from our awards ceremony.

After the awards ceremony, kids shared their experiences with their coaches. Here are some of the quotes from the kids

Thank you coach Sohrab, for making me progress, I remember last year my batting was just 5, now it is 40.

Sanat Misra

Thank you coach Anand for helping me become a better leg spinner

Karan Anand

Thank you to all the coaches and founders for improving cricket for youth. I remember when we started, Tuskers were unstoppable and we were happy with scoring 10 runs. But the coaches expanded our boundaries and now we can compete against anyone.

Srikar Nemani

Thank you @Sarov Chandran for taking AWESOME pictures. Thank you coaches, parents, and kids for making the event successful!!!

We are sure all us kids will get more awards next year. GO CAPS!!!

BYE from Rayaan, Srikar, and Aarya!!!