Our second game with the Warriors was important, because it would determine if we would make the playoffs in 3rd or 4th place. The coaches wanted to go ahead of their plan to bat first. This can place a high score up on the board. We can then use our amazing bowling to defend our total. However, the toss went as the captains met, but the Strikers lost the toss.

Warriors decided to bowl first, which let the Striker’s coaches be able to follow through with their planned strategy of batting first.

First Innings

Santosh Nandivada and Surya Narayanan went to open the batting for the Strikers. However, due to Rayaan Taj’s 3 wickets and Neil Parikh’s 2 wickets, our main batting quickly collapsed. Rahul Bonthu’s 29 off 54 and Santosh Nandivada’s 24 off 27 drove the Strikers to a score of 113 in 25 overs. Although this is a seemingly low score, the Strikers went to field with positivity.

Second Innings

In the second innings, Strikers knew the key to winning would be tight fielding and restrictive bowling. Sohaan Bhatia’s wonderful keeping with 3 runouts and 1 stumping helped take out the Warrior’s batting. Kush Mittal’s 40 off 60 helped the Warriors. Some great spells by Santosh (1 wicket), Yatin (2 wickets), Surya (1 wicket), and Karan helped restrict the game in the end.


Due to these factors, CAPS Strikers restricted the Warriors to 100 in 22 overs. Then, Warriors needed 14 off 18 to win. Surya and Yatin sealed the game, causing the Strikers to win this game by 3 runs!

Here is the link to the scorecard:

Due to his great batting and wonderful bowling performance, Santosh Nandivada is the Man of the Match.

Great all-round performance from Santosh!

Best wishes to the Strikers to confidently charge into the playoffs!!!