Our game plan was to bat first against the Northwest Wolves and put a large score on the board. The coaches put in a tremendous effort to plan our strategy, the main part being the 4 top batsmen help the team score 140. Then, our brilliant bowlers would have taken care of the rest.

The two captains met on the pitch for the first SYCL Semi-final toss. After winning the toss, we chose to bat, so the coaches could follow through with the plan.

First Innings

The Northwest Wolves quickly collapsed nearly the entire top batting order of the Strikers. Nearly all of the Strikers got out below 10 runs. Unfortunately, we were 24 runs and 6 wickets down at one point. However, a 35 run partnership from Rajdeep Brijesh and Neil Raigandhi helped us come to a total score of 90 runs.

Second Innings

Our team walked onto the field to defend our low total. In the very beginning, Rajdeep Brijesh took an amazing boundary catch that took out one of the Wolves’ top batsman. This, combined with Karan Anand’s 4 wickets helped demolish their top order. Then, Surya Narayanan struck with his spin and took 3 wickets, including one very crucial one. All of this helped to pack up the game. Special mention to Anikait Vishwanathan in the Northwest Wolves who got injured during the game, although he bowled beautifully (1 over, 1 wicket, 2 runs).


Once again, our beautiful bowling helped us win yet another game.

Here is the link to the scorecard:

Karan Anand is labeled the Man of the Match because of his extraordinary bowling.

Karan’s bowling destroyed the Wolves’