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About Us

It all began with a dream to develop youth cricket in Puget Sound (Seattle, WA) area. Our founders with great support from all the parents started Cricket Academy of Puget Sound in Jan 2018. We started with modest goals to enroll 40 kids into the academy. But then we quickly grew to 80 kids.

Our first season, started with five U12 teams competing in the NWCL Youth Spring 2018 tournament. All our five teams finished at the top of the table in that tournament. We continued going from strength to strength building the youth cricket capabilities in the area.

Today, we are proud that we have made an impact in youth cricket skills in the area with over 100 kids actively playing cricket through the year. But we are not done yet. We still have to solve for the big infrastructure and coaching challenges faced in this area. We continue to work diligently to solve those challenges. I am sure with the support of our parents, we will be able to solve those soon.

Coach’s Welcome

At CAPS, our goal is to develop youth into good citizens of our community. Cricket helps in character development of our youth. We take a disciplined approach to our coaching, and ensure that kids develop their personalities and their cricket skills.
Md Sohrabuddin, Anand Subbaraj & Satish Naik

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