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  1. CAPS Strikers Stride Into the Finals After Winning Against Northwest Wolves!
  2. CAPS Strikers Comfortably Beat Totallyin2cricket NextGen
  3. CAPS Strikers Win A Nerve-Racking Game Against CAPS Warriors
  4. CAPS Kids have a Blast at the Awards Ceremony!!!
  5. CAPS Strikers Win A Nail-Biting Match Against Tuskers

CAPS Tigers List

usaRayaan TajCAPS Tigers
usaRajdeep BrijeshCAPS Strikers
usaRajvir MishraCAPS Tigers
usaHamza ShahabCAPS Tigers
usaSrikar NemaniCAPS Tigers
usaRushil MolletiCAPS Strikers
usaParthiv SaravananCAPS Tigers
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